Tuareg Long Silver Border Design Ring
    Tuareg Long Silver Border Design Ring

    Tuareg Long Silver Border Design Ring

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    Introducing our Tuareg Long Silver Border Design Ring, handmade with love by skilled artisans in Morocco. This beautiful ring features intricate border etchings and details, inspired by the traditional jewelry worn by the Tuareg people.

    This hand crafted ring is not only stunning but is a piece that you will want to keep forever. Its unique and eye-catching design will make a statement wherever you go. Each piece is unique and one of a kind.

    The elongated shape of the ring makes it a perfect accessory to wear  with other rings or alone for a bold statement. 


    By purchasing this ring, you're not only adding a stunning piece of jewelry to your collection but also supporting the traditional craftsmanship of the Tuareg people. 

    Ship from NYC


    1.5 Length

    SIZE 7.5


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