Rainbow Wool Scarf
    Rainbow Wool Scarf
    Rainbow Wool Scarf

    Rainbow Wool Scarf

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    You will adore the vibrant rainbow of color as each hue seamlessly blends into the next.

    Our Winter Rainbow Scarf is made of 100% Wool. The scarf has long fluffy fringe on both ends.It's long enough to wrap, tie or wear as a wrap.

    This delightful scarf is handmade with love in Nepal, where skilled artisans have meticulously knitted each piece.

    Embrace the warmth, embrace the colors, and embrace the fine Nepalese craftsmanship.

    100% Wool

    10" wide x 80" inches long

    Hand Knitted in Nepal.



    Winter Rainbow Scarf, 100% Wool, Long Fluffy Fringe, Wrap, Tie, Handmade, Nepal, Skilled Artisans, Meticulously Knitted, Delightful, Colorful, Fine Nepalese Craftsmanship.

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