About Mondiale Lifestyle

    Pronounced: Mōn-de-ahh-lay
    Meaning: Global or universal in Italian
    There has never been a time when I didn't find the world fascinating. The rich culture of my heritage captivated me as a child when I visited Southern Italy to learn about my roots.

    In that moment, I knew I had to explore the universe. I became a fashion designer which offered me the opportunity to satisfy my wanderlust and started a journey that would last decades. In search of exotic embroidery and textiles, I traveled to Europe, Asia, Africa and South America. These trips gave me an opportunity to experience the bounty and diversity of these vast cultures, as well as their traditions and intrigue. From these connections, I gained an understanding of the joy and inspiration of connecting with people of a very different culture from my own.

    For me, fashion no longer held the same allure as before. It was time for me to find a new path to continue my life's passion. Throughout my career, I have made many fascinating discoveries and developed many cherished relationships. As a means of continuing these relationships, we opened the Lower East Side location in 2016. Mondiale Lifestyle is a destination for pieces that explore the world beyond, celebrating the unique creativity of artisans from all parts of the globe.

    Our mission is to support artisans and to preserve traditional craftsmanship, giving them the opportunity to earn a fair wage.



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