Golden Oval Hoops
    Golden Oval Hoops
    Golden Oval Hoops

    Golden Oval Hoops

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    The oval shape of these earrings offers a modern twist on the classic hoop design, creating a unique silhouette that beautifully frames your face. Their lightweight construction ensures comfortable wear.

    Inspired by Brazil's rich cultural heritage, these earrings embody the essence of contemporary style. The 18K gold plating lends a radiant glow, making them a versatile choice for both formal occasions and everyday wear.

    Handmade in Brazil

    18K plated

    2.5" long

    Handmade, Brazilian, 18K gold plated, Oval hoop earrings, Modern design, Contemporary style, Artisan-crafted  Elegant accessories, Unique silhouette, Timeless elegance, Sophisticated, Versatile, High-quality craftsmanship,  Radiant gold plating, Stylish earrings,  Exquisite design,  Statement jewelry,  Opulent, Fine jewelry, Brazilian craftsmanship,  Designer earrings.


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