Turkish Rugs

    Turkish carpets have been highly desired throughout the world from the Byzantine Empire, the Ottoman Empire and to the present day.

    The woven symbols reflect the ethnicity, cultural diversity and tribal beliefs of Turkey or Anatolia.

    Each carpet is individually hand woven to tell a personal story by the women who have created them.

    Although it is difficult to pinpoint the exact date each carpet was made. our collection is considered vintage originating from the mid 20th century.

    Description of Terms:

    Kilim- a flat weave tapestry made to be used as a carpet. throw or wall hanging.

    Soumak- a flat weave that resembles a Kilim but is slightly thicker adding strength and an embroidery-like surface.

    Slitweave - A weaving technique which appears as a gap or slit between 2 blocks of color on Kilim carpets.

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