Fibulae Silver Earrings

    Fibulae Silver Earrings

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    Our Sterling Silver Filigree Fibulae Tuareg Earrings, inspired by the intricate and beautiful designs of the Tuareg ethnic group. These beautiful earrings are crafted from  sterling silver and feature delicate filigree work, creating a unique and intricate design. 

    Fubulae in archelogical terms means brooch or clasp.

    The Tuareg-inspired fibulae design is a true testament to the beauty and elegance of North African jewelry. 

    Crafted from sterling silver, these earrings are light in weight. 


    .925 Sterling Silver

    1.5" bellow the ear wire

    sterling silver, filigree work, fibulae-style closure, Tuareg-inspired, North African jewelry-making, lightweight, durable, traditional design, unique and intricate, elegant, sophisticated.

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